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I believe in keeping it simple.  If you’re an athlete, you need strength training, conditioning, speed training, nutrition, recovery therapy, and a squad to challenge you and support you throughout your training -we got that.

Everything you need wrapped into ONE affordable price. How it should be.

But before you join, I have to let you know it’s going to be a tough journey – there’s going to be shit you don’t want to do.  There are going to be moments that make you question whether you really want it.  That’s why this gym isn’t for everyone.

I’m absolutely committed to your success – but only as much as YOU ARE committed to your success. I can’t want it for you. I can’t do it for you.  But I’ve been there.  I’ve done it before – from being nominated for Gatorade High School Soccer Athlete of the Year to signing a full 4-year scholarship competing in college track and XC, to competing in amateur kickboxing …I’ve done it all, and I know what it takes.  And if you want it – the good, the bad and the ugly glory of it all, I got you. I will do everything I can to coach you.

But at the end of the day, the wins are Earned. Not Given.

Affordable prices.

All-Inclusive* prices are based on a 1-year membership, 6-month membership option, or month-to-month membership option.

*Prices do not include app fees.  The app and online training is optional for in-gym clients.

Comprehensive structure.

All in-gym programs include training as deemed appropriate for your sport/season, nutrition macro recommendations based on training demands, recovery protocols to follow, and a gym full of dedicated athletes from various sports and ages to train with!

Unique scheduling.

Based on the time of year relative to your sport event, you may be on a 2-day per week, 3-day per week, or 4-day per week strength training program.  Training days are Tuesday through Friday and your monthly fee reserves your spot for the hour for all four days.

Show. Me. THE MONAY!

It’s so simple, it’s stupid.

 Comprehensive programs – that means everything you need, rolled into one price.

1-Year Commitment

If you plan to train for at least 12 months with ENG Performance

(Billed monthly with a 12-month contract)

6-Month Commitment

If you plan to train for at least 6 months with ENG Performance

(Billed monthly with a 6-month contract)


Not Sure? Get your feet wet and train month-to-month.

(Also applies for events needing less than 6 months of training)


Ready to become part of our team!? Contact me to set up a free consultation, see the gym and find out more about Engard Athletics!  STUDENTS: ASK ABOUT SPECIAL PRICING FOR THE SEMESTER!


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