May 2015

The Role of Motivation in Sport
Motivation not only includes the reason for sport participation, but also examines the orientation of such motivation: Internally driven by innate or cultural values or externally driven by performance achievement, fear based orientations or the need to please. Gucciardi, Mahoney,...
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Window of Opportunity for Youth Development: DHA & Motor Delay
It is well known that docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and other n – 3 fatty acids are crucial for healthy neural tube development in pregnancy. However, little research exists investigating the effect of DHA supplementation in post-natal settings, particularly with pre-school-aged...
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DHA and Omega-3 Improve Reaction Time
DHA and Omega-3 Supplementation Improves Reaction Time In Elite Soccer Players “Training” reaction times is very subjective and left primarily to modes of psychological efficacy; self-esteem, mood, perception, visualization etc. While these are all very relevant and necessary components of...
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