A Dog Amongst Dogs: The Relentless Mindset of Elite Performers

In this clip from episode 1, guests Robert Nelson Jr., Marcus Ball and myself discuss the dog mentality of having to be twice as good for the same opportunity.

Motivation is an integral component to sport performance.  Coaches and researchers alike have long investigated the role that motivation holds in the success of individual athletes as well as the effect of motivation on group dynamics within team sports. 

Motivation not only drives the ‘why’ behind sport participation, but ‘how’ the athlete performs at a high level.  Some athletes are internally driven by innate or cultural values, while others are externally driven by performance achievement (stats/rankings, performance incentives etc.), or ‘fear-based’ social pressures and the need to please the coach/team/crowd.

Traditionally, external factors have been seen in a negative light; for example, fear based motivation, the need to please, or avoidance mechanisms for negative consequences and social pressure to succeed.   Often the dog mentality of elite performers is internally driven – you can’t coach the dog mindset because it is innate.  It is independent from external factors such as coaching feedback, group dynamics, social pressures, money, contracts, etc… when it comes to the intrinsic ‘dog’, this mindset knows only one task: execute. Execute to the highest potential no mater the circumstance.

Kate, MS, CSCS

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