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Here's how it works

Initial Assessment

Your first consultation is free.  During this free consultation your coach will evaluate your posture, movement, biometrics like weight and body fat, and discuss prior injuries or limitations you may have.

Your coach will then work with you to create an action plan to systematically improve any posture or movement deficits identified in your screening, and help you create a weekly schedule that will maximize your performance outcomes.

When you enroll at Engard Athletics, you will be making the decision to empower your life.  This program educates you and holds you responsible for your own success!

Complete Program

All in-gym programs include training as deemed appropriate for your sport season and/or individual level, with ongoing programming supported by the following monitoring features:

  • Daily Data Tracking
  • Monthly Progress Checks
  • Corrective Exercises (as necessary)
  • Extra Curricular Speed, Agility & Conditioning (as necessary)
  • Macros & Nutrient Timing Plan

We track and analyze measurable data daily, and aggregate your lifestyle and training data each month to gain better insights into your performance.

Results Oriented.

The ///ENG HP90 System works both proactively and reactively with the client to reduce or eliminate barriers to success, and works toward improving the quality of current performance.

Our unique systems provide guided interventions that will assist you in achieving your desired results by creating a clear focus on achieving measurable and quantifiable results.

I can say with 110% certainty that you won’t find a program like this anywhere else!

It is proven to work—regardless of your training experience, the amount of time you’ve taken off, or how long you’ve been struggling with that nagging injury.


Because performance is more than just the gym.

Ongoing Assessments

Habit Tracking

Message your coach with questions

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Quantified Lifestyle Metrics

Performance Macros & Nutrient Timing

Customized Recovery Plans Based on Assessments


Since 2008, Engard Athletics has provided quality, evidence-based training to hundreds of clients and athletes in the Valley of the Sun.  Now, utilizing advanced training techniques and challenging the fitness industry, I’m providing this elite level experience to you, online!

As a former NCAA DII track athlete I have personally experienced what it takes to achieve performance driven results.  I supplemented that experience with rigorous academic work in pre-medicine (B.Sc.) and Kinesiology (M.Sc.) studies and am a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS).

Online training allows athletes to have access to elite level coaching at an affordable price and on schedule that works for them.

ENG training programs include movement prep, periodized strength training, recovery therapy, performance nutrition plans and motivational strategies that optimize performance outcomes.


All programs are periodized and sport-specific.  I’ve simplified the overwhelming amount of scientific information and training concepts into easy-to-use online training programs.

  • ENG plans optimize skill development for improved speed and power
  • ENG plans include pre-hab and therapy techniques to keep you healthy for a long career
  • ENG plans include macronutrients for sports performance

I have over 15 years combined experience as a track athlete and a coach.  I have been a strength and speed coach for the last 9 years, 6 of which were at the collegiate level.

I’ve coached hundreds of athletes and I want to provide you with a winning strength training program at an affordable price.

Strength training programs like the one I created for the 2013 WSFL Championship Football Team – that season alone 17 athletes signed NCAA D1!

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