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100 Years of Racism, Sexism and Social Divide in America Illustrated Through Sport
There have been decisive and awakening moments in my life that have brought me to my passion of sport and social entrepreneurship.   But for now, times call not for the narrow reminiscing of my own past, but for a broad...
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The Road to TEAM USA!
Let's take it back...way back before we had a gym, or a real business. I had a patio with some weights, a squat rack and a few items that I cared to use. 2 years ago I was the strength...
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Window of Opportunity for Youth Development: DHA & Motor Delay
It is well known that docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and other n – 3 fatty acids are crucial for healthy neural tube development in pregnancy. However, little research exists investigating the effect of DHA supplementation in post-natal settings, particularly with pre-school-aged...
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