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Full Suite & Coaching Feedback Included!

$49 to start, then $79.99/mo.


Access high-quality performance training at an affordable price!

I’ve simplified the overwhelming amount of scientific information and training concepts into easy-to-use, sport-specific training programs.

  • Our plans optimize skill development for improved speed and power
  • Our plans include pre-hab and therapy techniques to keep you healthy for a long career
  • Our plans include macronutrients for sports performance

I have over 15 years combined experience as a track athlete and a coach.  I have been a strength and speed coach for the last 9 years, 6 of which were at the collegiate level.

I’ve coached hundreds of athletes and I want to provide you with¬†a winning strength training program at an affordable price.

Strength training programs¬†like the one I created for the 2013 WSFL Championship Football Team –¬†that season alone¬†17 athletes¬†signed NCAA¬†D1!

I have a winning model – and it won’t cost you or your family thousands of dollars to train.

With over a¬†decade of experience as a coach and athlete, I’ve developed a program that has been tested and proven to achieve coveted results such as strength, power and speed. ¬†Results that have helped dozens of college and amateur athletes. ¬†My program structure is designed to¬†minimize¬†injury and maximize¬†recovery. ¬†


Athletes Who Need Speed Training

All of our training programs are designed to improve speed, power, and strength. Because we set up all of our programming with speed in mind, we ensure earlier phases are conducive to speed development as well.

Athletes Looking for A DIY Way

Athletes¬†record¬†workouts & communicate with their coach through¬†any mobile device. ¬† After the athlete¬†saves the workout, it is then sent to the trainer’s mobile app to review. ¬†With this add-on, you can track all time records and progress!

Experienced Athletes Looking for an Actual Program

Are you satisfied with your current workout routine? Have you gained mass but lost speed? Are you not peeking at the right time? Do you feel you’ve gotten stronger…at the cost of getting slower?

I hear that story a lot.  With my periodized system, speed is the focus, so you can be certain that gains will not mean a loss in speed!  I use a unique combination of Weekly Undulating Periodization and an annual plan that builds strength endurance early in the off-season, and transform that over the year into power and speed.  The goal is to peak with these power-speed attributes at the most game-dense time of year.

Athletes Looking for an Affordable Solution Without Losing Quality

Athletes can record form and get feedback on mechanical details through the app and through 1-1 communication with your coach. ¬†It’s like watching film but for the weight room.¬†(Note this is a premium feature.)

Periodization for Power Sports

Designed to optimize power and speed, our integrated model utilizes motor control theory and periodized task complexity to improve and refine player skills.

Programming for Optimal Results

The ENG Method addresses the demands of your sport by identifying specific energy system training requirements as well as movement patterns, planes and specific techniques to increase the transfer of your training to the field.

Get Technical Analysis Like Never Before!

Get video analysis to improve technique, training outcomes, athlete awareness as well as movement analysis to prevent injury.


A new workout program each month.  

Each program is slightly harder than the last, building upon strength and skill sets in a programmed manner for long-term success! Workouts are rolled out in 4-week phases called mesocycles.  The number of mesocycles in each program will  depend on your sport package and the season. Those details are listed on the sales page of each program.

Free support knowledge base 

A free knowledge base is available for training questions, trouble shooting the app and basic weight room 101.

A Customizable Macronutrient Plan 

Each phase comes with a spreadsheet to help you calculate your customized macros.  Along with this is a food list and sample nutrient timing schedules to help you optimize your nutrition and your performance.

In-App Exercise Videos

Most exercises have an associate video demonstration and description of form.   1-1 coaching clients can send and receive video feedback on exercises from their coach.

Video Analysis

TeamBuildr now supports video submissions for form checks and feedback!


M.Sc. Human Movement, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Because the Wins are Earned, Not Given. #ENGPerformance

As a former NCAA DII track athlete I have personally experienced what it takes to achieve performance driven results.  I supplemented that experience with rigorous academic work in pre-medicine (B.Sc.) and Kinesiology (M.Sc.) studies and am a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS).


Achievements & Coaching History

Assistant Strength Coach for the Arizona Hotshots Professional Football Team.

Strength Coach for 2013 Western States Football League  Championship Football Team, Scottsdale Community College.  

  • Assistant Strength Coach – AZ Hotshots, AAF – 2019 Season
  • Strength Coach ‚Äď Scottsdale Community College¬†Football ‚Äď 2012-2015
  • Strength Coach ‚Äď SCC Women‚Äôs Basketball ‚Äď 2010-2014
  • Sprints Coach ‚Äď SCC Track ‚Äď 2010-2012
  • Sprints Coach ‚Äď Seton Catholic ‚Äď 2009-2010
  • Sprints Coach ‚Äď Camelback High 2007-2008

Certifications & Affiliations

  • CSCS
  • USATF Level 1
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association Member

Academic Background

  • PhD in Performance Psychology ‚Äď Current
  • M.Sc. in Human Movement
  • B.Sc. in Pre-med/Biology
    • Minor in Chemistry

Athletic Experience & Achievements

  • 2016 US Muay Thai Open Competitor (0-1 amateur record)
  • 2005 RMAC Academic All-Conference Athlete
  • 2004 Gatorade Athlete of the Year Nominee ‚Äď Soccer
  • 2003, 2004 PUHSD 2 x Metro-Region XC Champion



Luz Chaos, AZRD


Jessica West, AZRD


Gingersaurus Wrex, AZRD


Ashley Henne, AZRD –> Atlanta Roller Girls

Jammer, Blocker

Amunisha, AZRD


Miss Tea Maven, Gotham


Smack, Tucson RD


Tabu, Savannah Derby Devils


Mercedes, AZRD


Babetoven, AZRD


Guapo, AZRD


Erika Purrfect, Angel City


Calaca, AZRD


Kootz, AZRD

Jammer, Blocker

Razorcat, AZRD


Monroe, AZRD


Riot, AZRD



$48 to start, then $79.99/mo. for 3 months.

Programs are broken into 12 week (3-mo.) training cycles to better accommodate various schedules across the country.  When you sign up you are committing to 3 months of training. You can then elect to sign up for the next phase of training to continue on.

Subscriptions and payments are handled securely through PayPal.

Athletes can get feedback in several ways:

  • Exchanging in-app messages¬†or video messages with your¬†coach through the TeamBuildr app or through Instagram (this has become increasingly popular).
  • Instagram or¬†FaceTime¬†Video Call¬†with your¬†coach*
  • Email¬†communication with your coach.

*Social Media has become a popular alternative method for communication. You will need to pre-schedule a time to communicate with your coach.

You will receive a welcome email with information on how to log into your training app and web portal.  PLEASE ADD TEAMBUILDR TO YOUR CONTACTS

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